History of KNCT-3

**This page is no longer actively maintained**  Information (with links removed) has been left here for archival purposes.

In 2010, William Matthew Jackson approached KAEOPP President Chris George and TASP President Stephen Hendrix about the possibly of bringing North Carolina into the states' fall conference (KAEOPP/TASP) with Kentucky and Tennessee. He thought this might be beneficial for all three organizations to increase attendance and revenue. Since these Presidents were nearing the end of their terms, this possibility was discussed with the boards and the incoming Presidents for the 2011-2013 years. 

Although there was much discussion among each state’s Executive Board and some of the membership, it wasn’t until TASP President Jeanne Stokes and KAEOPP President Tom Rowland met with NCCEOP President John Foreman during the May SAEOPP Board meeting that there was much movement. In Bonita Springs, Florida on May 8, 2012, the three state Presidents agreed to give a joint three-state meeting a try in the fall of 2013.   

While at the 2013 SAEOPP Conference in Savannah, Georgia, a group of TRiO Directors discussed possible names for the new conference while eating dinner one evening. A number of names were tossed about, one being KNCT-3. 

The three newly elected state Presidents, Jessica Rogers of NCCEOP, Cricket Pimentel of TASP and Tom Rowland of KAEOPP, met while attending the COE Policy Seminar in Washington, D.C. on March 11, 2013. At that meeting, the parameters of the working relationship were laid out and the three State Presidents agreed upon the name of KNCT-3 for the joint fall meeting of the memberships of the KAEOPP, NCCEOP and TASP.

The three State Presidents (Rodgers, Pimentel and Rowland) met and signed the official agreement while attending the May SAEOPP Board meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on May 7, 2013. And thus KNCT-3 was born! 

KNCT-3 Previous/Hosts/Locations

2019 (Tennessee) Gatlinburg, TN
2018 (Kentucky) Louisville, KY
2017 (North Carolina) Charlotte, NC
2016 (Tennessee) Knoxville, TN
2015 (Kentucky) Lexington, KY
2014 (North Carolina) Asheville, NC
2013 (Kentucky) Lexington, KY