Silent Auction

**This page is no longer active**  Information (with links removed) has been left here for archival purposes.

Each year Trio programs are asked to bring a basket for a silent auction; therefore, we ask each Trio program to please secure a nice item for the auction. You may choose to have the item(s) donated, delegate someone in your program to secure the donation or as a last resort to purchase the item(s) to be auctioned. This could be a team building activity with various staffers contributing to an eclectic surprise ensemble. It doesn’t have to be a basket. You could have a kitchen theme and use a large bowl/dish; or try some other themes and use pails, backpacks or bags to hold the items – just be creative!

For all auction entries, we ask that you please provide (there is a form attached):
  • Name for the entry
  • Trio Program/Institution
  • A list of items included
  • Estimated value
  • Minimum bid
If at all possible, please complete the attached form and return to one of the committee chairs prior to the conference so that we can preprint bid forms.

When you arrive at the conference registration, we will have a place for you to drop your entry.

In advance, we appreciate your participation in this conference activity.

Thank you!

KNCT-3 Fund Raising Committee

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